By The Bookish Dame Reviews

All dystopian/sy-fy novels are not created equal. Tankborn is an exception to the ordinary in a variety of ways. First, author Karen Sandler has a gifted imagination and writing skill that lures the reader in quickly. Secondly, she writes in such a way that it’s easy to visualize. This dystopian is a singular one. It’s not to be missed.

I found Tankborn a book I didn’t want to stop reading. Its difference lies in the realism Ms. Sandler creates around her characters. This is not a too sweet and too romantic story, but one with a contemplative warning. She presents her story as if it takes place in this timeframe, and as if it reflects our own society or one that could be closely related to ours in the 21st century… I thoroughly enjoyed Tankborn, and can recommend it to you. It’s one I would get for your Kindle or Nook.