By Midnight Reads

…There are many reasons why I enjoyed reading this book. I loved the unique language that Sandler creates…More than anything however, I like the way that concepts such as race and tolerance, or lack of it, are approached in this story. It’s fascinating to see how each character’s preconceptions of the others are challenged, particularly so with Kayla and Devak, their two worlds being so incongruent. It was also wonderful to see the barriers between them come crashing down…The ending for me was bitter sweet, but as with all good endings there is plenty of scope for the reader to take the characters where they want to which I really liked.

There’s a lot in this story to get readers thinking which I think places this above other books in this genre. With that and the wonderfully complex characters and gripping plotline I was completely enthralled by it. I look forward to reading more of Karen Sandler’s creations.