By Amy's Book Den

I usually stay away from anything science fiction, but since this one was labeled as dystopian too (and I love those), I thought I should give it a try. I am very glad I did, because Tankborn has become a top favorite!

I found the whole world fascinating; filled with eight legged spider-like animals, micro-lev cars, wristlink communicators, holograms, and the GENs. And that is where the story starts, with a GEN girl.

Karen Sandler has managed to create a unique world and filled it with even more unique characters that you canâ??t help but to cheer on page after page. I always like it when there is more than one character POV like in Tankborn, because when the narrator changes Iâ??m always trying to read faster to know what happened. I was impressed how even being a YA book the plot explored issues of race, religion, and politics. The ending did break my heart but I liked that it left space for more of there is ever the opportunity. And I really hope so!