By Books to the Sky

Pretty much from the second I started this book, I was hooked. This was a big world to create, and Karen Sandler did a phenomenal job introducing the reader to characters, the lifestyle, the religion, and just the world itself.

The big thing for me as a reader is going along for the emotional ride with the characters, which I definitely felt like I did with Kayla and Mishalla. I felt their anxiety, their hope, their anger and all the other emotions they went through in the course of this book.

As this story unwrapped itself, it became apparent that there was so much more going on in their world than either girl knew was possible. I’ll definitely say that I found myself surprised at a lot of the outcomes in this story.

There were definitely a lot of anxiety ridden moments in this book. I found myself nervously chewing my fingernails while reading because I was worried for the characters.

…I just wanted the story to go on forever.