By The Lost Entwife

I have to admit to being a little intimidated when it comes to writing this review – because I feel like I cannot do this book justice. I haven’t felt that way since I read The Hunger Games, y’all. Tankborn is just that damn good, but it’s good in a totally different way.

First, let me just say that I’m loving the emergence of ethnicity into the dystopian genre. Kayla is different from other characters I’ve read, but not noticeably different – just its there and you can bask in its total awesomeness. Then there’s the concept – children being created for.. what again? Strange computers resetting minds? Foster families? What is going on?! It was just so much amazing fun that my mind couldn’t grasp it fully and I kept going back to re-read and put the book down in amazement as the story progressed.

Yes, the story is that good.

If you, like me, are picky about which dystopia genre books you want to rave about to other people, if you are tired of the genre being saturated by lackluster books following a clear-cut formula, then pick up Tankborn. This is not one that will disappoint you.