By Finding Wonderland

It’s a privilege to read fantasy and science fiction which incorporates characters with brown skin – and intelligent and complex hard science fiction/dystopia with multicultural characters and intricate worldbuilding? Oh, yes, please. Tankborn is a mesmerizing, gulp-it-in-one-sitting-then-sit-stunned, deftly characterized, multilayered novel which has a lot to say. I imagine that teen readers will savor it.

Reader Gut Reaction: Beautiful cover? Check. Intricate storyline? Check. High stakes, romance, intrigue, and bittersweet ending? Check, check, check. Arresting and nuanced, this novel can easily crossover for adult audiences. The depth of concepts presented in story will provide brain stimulation for the thinky – plus: romance! While I wasn’t as interested in the romance bit – I was all about the science – it is well done, and will add just that extra bit of a hook for readers who love that sort of thing.

Look, nothing I say will convince you as fully as reading this that the novel is worthy of your time. So, go on already!